Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"Godolphin" illustrated and written by Hilary Jean Gibson

This book relates Godolphin's fascinating history ~ past, present and future. It is dedicated to the artisans who created this place. 12 chapters weave historical fact with fantasy.

Godolphin's stories are told in a dual narrative, by the authoritative voice of the guide, counterpointed by the author's softer reflections.

An eclectic mix of reality and fiction blurs together quotations, the Sleeping Beauty myth and a metaphorical chess-game. Stories of Godolphin's Medieval Garden and Castle, of wrecking, a horse race, a Royal visit, mining and archaeology, are told.

The book contains over 60 drawings of representational and imaginary tableaux, and sketchbook pages. It features an unrepeatable visual record of the restoration of the saloon during the artist's residency 2009-2010
Godolphin National Trust.

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